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Mandatoriccio, Italy

For over five generations our family has grown and produced olive oil in Calabria, Italy. We are now  proud to continue this “tradizion della famiglia”. Calabrese owes its deep complex flavors to the ideal terra and climate of the California Central Coast. Taste the generations of our Italian family tradition reborn in the sunny hills of west side Paso Robles. Calabrese extra virgin olive oil is single estate grown, hand harvested and cold pressed within hours.


Mario Mangone was born in Mandatoriccio, Italy, which is a small town in the Calabria region.  Since Calabria is the 2nd largest producer of extra virgin olive oil in Italy, it was only natural that Mario came to learn the practices of his heritage in creating a beautifully smooth oil. Mario’s passion for creating this pure juice from the olives is evident in every bottle of the Calabrese EVOO.


Kay met Mario in Ventura in 1973 shortly after he arrived in the States. 
They started a manufacturing business in 1979 with Mario as the engineer
and visionary and Kay as the financial officer. 


After raising their family, they were looking for property where they could retire but still stay active. Once they saw Paso Robles up close in 2003,
they fell in love with the area and bought property. When Mario & Kay planted the trees the plan was to have enough olives to jar for family and friends,
but soon after they caught the olive oil bug. In 2012 they pressed only the Arbequina and were delighted at the flavor. This led them to get serious about being EVOO producers and it has become an important part of their life.

Mario with his mother and uncle in Mandatoriccio, Italy

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